Health Trends in Cafe Industry

Dated: 2011-07-27

Health Trends in Cafe Industry: Give Your Customers The Gift of Health 

It's no secret that Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes are Australia’s leading causes of death. More alarming is the fact that three in five adults were either overweight or obese in 2007–08 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, media release, 23 Jun 2010.) These haunting statistics stem from inadequacies in a number of areas including our national health education, lack of exercise awareness and last but not least—the foods we eat.

The great news is Australians have become more health conscious, and there is a growing awareness of health food alternatives. Organic stores and cafes are appearing everywhere with menus sporting “vegetarian and vegan free”, “fat free”, “gluten free” and “organic” products, and this new revolution in health and wellbeing shows no signs of slowing down, in fact Australia’s wellness conscience is growing.

In cafes the wellness revolution has taken hold of many customers who are now demanding market fresh—organic—produce, eco friendly ingredients, natural energy drinks, fair trade coffee, decaf and dairy alternatives.

Laura Mileto of Mileto cafe in South Yarra has seen this trend grow exponentially and she sums it up beautifully, ‘locals come to our cafe for fresh produce and meals cooked from the heart, and on most days we don’t even sell milk for our coffees—now it’s all about soya milk.’ 

A meal prepared with heart and conscience is the key to keeping health and happy customers, and as a cafe owner the old adage ‘the customer is always right’ holds sway more than ever. As cafe owners we are at the forefront of the health revolution, and we have a unique opportunity to make a difference, not only to the lives of our customers and our local communities, but to the very wellness psychology of Australia.

Help your customers don their wellness armour and lance cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and the dragon ‘obesity,’ by simply listening to your customers, preparing fresh wholesome foods and preparing health conscious meals. Be an ambassador of wellness and give something back to your community. 

Sometimes your customers just need a little nudge in the right direction. So next time your regular asks you for that egg and bacon sandwich with triple cheese on white, suggest organic eggs, goats cheese and rye with a smile. They may even thank you for it.

Remember a healthy customer is a happy customer.

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